Socks for Athletes

Mountain biker wearing darn tough socks for athletes, the element socks in blackThe kind of scenic view you might get while wearing our socks for athletes on outdoor workouts
Socks for Athletes

Versatile Comfort

Merino Wool’s silky feel is equal to its high performance. Socks to keep 
your feet dry and blister-free.


Feet wearing the Element athletic socks and trainers with features called out visually

A. Game-Changing Merino

Lightweight Merino Wool feels smooth, regulates with your body temperature, and is a moisture and sweat wicking beast. But unlike a wild animal, it resists odor, too.

B. Durable Wear

Special care was given underfoot and in the cushion up the Achilles for our our most durable socks yet.

C. In the Zone

The performance zone around the arch alleviates foot fatigue and bunching for all-day comfort with arch support and zero slipping.

D. Seamless Fit

The True Seamless™ Toe gets rid of any bunching, even in the most restrictive footwear.

A trail runner wearing the Prism athletic socks from Darn Tough, the best socks for everything sports

Peak Performance

Down for Whatever

The Athletic styles have become a go-to for many, 
but if you’re streamlining to run, or gearing up for 
a hike, we have more options.

Choose by Height

No Show Socks

The No Show Tab athletic socks are a versatile favorite, with a cushion tab to 
protect the Achilles.

Shop No Show

1/4 Socks

Expect our Quarter Socks to show about 2 
inches above a cross trainer, low profile shoe, 
covering the ankle.

Shop ¼ Sock

Crew Socks

Classic gym sock appeal with cushion up the Achilles for comfort and protection. A second-skin fit goes endless miles.

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Choose by Cushion

Cushion Socks

The cushioned sock options add a bit of absorption, durability, and softer touch.

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No Cushion Socks

For the lightweight, thin, sleek fit you must have.

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Do Everything

Soon after we started knitting the Athletic collection, we 
wondered if we’d ever knit a better sock – not just a better 
gym sock, or a better workout sock for athletes, but simply the best sock. 
Subjective, for sure, but an indoor cycling choice turned to 
mountain biking socks. CrossFit socks turned into trail running 
socks. Not to mention, their simple design appealed to just 
about anyone.

“Brought two pairs to a weekend long dance convention 
and wore them all day and all night. Super comfortable, the 
padding was fantastic and my feet felt great!” – Sumana D


Wool socks for athletic activities, to some, sounds absurd. If you’re one of them, we assure you, we have not made a mistake. Our lightweight Merino performance socks breathe, they keep your feet dry, and will stay cool as you heat up. All of that make these incredibly comfortable socks, and is the first step in anti-blister life. We believe it’s the best material for athletic socks.

“Best workout sock. I need a low pair of socks that won’t 
get stinky after one intense session! Not only are these 
socks stink proof but the added cushion adds a comfort 
that’s perfect!” – Johnnie M

Man out for a jog wearing merino wool socks while running past some sheep
A mountain biker mid-air wearing darn tough merino wool athletic socks
Guaranteed for Life

When we say our socks are durable, it’s about more than 
wearing through – it means they will remain comfortable, 
with a performance fit, day after day. Our warranty data 
helps us improve, and we knit a better sock. If these aren’t 
the longest lasting socks you’ve ever owned, you can return 
them to us for another pair. No receipt needed, just the pair 
in question.

“My biggest reasons for buying Darn Tough socks pretty 
much exclusively, are the high quality and the lifetime warranty.” – Lauren L

Comfort & Fit

Working as a sock tester is not the most complicated job. In fact, 
in our Mill it’s not even a job. It’s just something we all do. You 
see, trying on a fresh pair of socks – that smooth glide as your 
foot enters a little home of sleek, densely knit yarn or a truly 
seamless wrap of cushion – never gets old. Fun thing is, we don’t 
all agree what feels best: cushion under foot, cushion throughout, 
or no cushion at all. But one thing is for certain, we have something 
you’ll love.

“Another great sock! I had a couple pairs of these in the old 
colors, but I loved the burgundy as soon as I saw it. The fit is 
perfect, the cushioning helps so much with reducing my foot 
pain, and the socks are so comfy.” – Sarah G

Lady golfer wearing super comfortable fitted athletic socks

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