A trail runner midstride running up a trail wearing the best socks for running by darn toughA rocky trail, a great place to go trail running in darn tough socks for runners
Socks for Runners

Run for Your Life

Durable socks for runners engineered to stay dry, comfortable, and fit any run you have in mind.

Run Features

Three socks for running laid out with letters marking where key performance features are

A. Even More Durable

Enhanced durability for long distance outings and rocky ultra runs — these socks make a good pair to partner with.

B. Breathable Mesh

Moisture-wicking Merino Wool prevents blisters and thwarts hotspots before they surface, keeping your feet light and dry.

C. Ultra-Lightweight

The ultra-lightweight knit of our running socks is simply unparalleled. Very sleek. Soft to the touch yet form fitting.

D. Cushion Comfort

The right amount of cushioning for extra protection on race day. Added durability for impact comfort on rugged trails.

Choose by Cushion

No Cushion Socks

Ultralight running socks for summer with no cushion help you feel the ground with every foot strike. Thermoregulating and breathable, no cushioning helps you run naturally in hot weather.

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Cushion Socks

The cushioned sock option maintains a low profile, adding a bit of absorption and heel padding for extra durability. Hidden comfort and a softer touch make cushioning a staple feature for trail running.

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Choose by Height

No Show Tab Socks

Definitely a study in less-is-more when more miles are certain. The No Show Tab running socks are our lightest creation, with a cushion tab to protect the Achilles in road running shoes.

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¼ Socks

Ankle height, quarter length socks sit perfectly still as you dip between the roads and running up trail – the only ankle sock of its kind that can power through tough terrain without slipping. 

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Micro Crew Socks

Pull them up once and you’re set for miles. The Micro Crew is a worthy running partner that offers lower-leg protection, durability, and yet-to-be-surpassed style for serious runners. 

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Mirna Valerio in the woods doing trail running wearing the best socks for runners
The Mirna Factor

Of course, we like that Mirna Valerio is a Vermonter. She also gives input into our running socks, which we like too. But we also love that Mirna doesn’t care what you think about her. She just smiles and keeps crushing miles in her favorite pair of socks (some of which she helped create). Ultra-runner, public speaker, mother, force of nature… just a few of her talents that had us all ears. 

“Darn Tough’s running socks are incredible.” – Mirna

Perfect Temperature

What keeps things warm and keeps things cool is not wildly different – like a thermos. Merino Wool fibers are naturally crimped. That tiny space, combined with an intense ability to absorb and release moisture, keep your feet at an ideal temp, and dry, regardless if you’re running in cold or hot weather.

“In the summertime it feels counterintuitive to want to wear wool socks, but since wool helps with thermoregulation, they actually keep your feet at a perfect temperature, even if they get wet!” – Mirna

Person wearing blue quarter crew run socks getting ready to put on sneakers
A trail runner wearing the merino wool Pacer socks, which keep your feet the perfect temperature
Signature Durability

Our socks excel at this. Even still, armed with warranty data from our LIFETIME GUARANTEE and runner input, we added reinforcement up the Achilles for extra durability. They’re the best socks for marathon runners and your ideal partner for Sunday long runs and long-distance ultras. 

“They are extremely well made and last a long time. They are cute and they make your feet look CLUTCH. And they are made by my local Vermont sock family. What's not to love?” – Mirna

Fitting Results — No Blisters

For those who’ve heard the phrase Darn Tight, don’t confuse that with what we call a performance fit – a continual, unrelenting fit with arch support. Reduced sweat, proper temp, and a sleek fit are the equation for a good pair of anti-blister running socks without seams.

“They are technical wool, which is very important to guard against blisters, and to help with heat regulation and cooling. They are appropriately compressive where they need to be, and cushioned where they need to be.” – Mirna

A woman running sitting on a rock wearing no show running socks in pink and gray

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