Close up of model putting on shoes and featuring the Men's Oxford Lightweight Lifestyle sock

Men's Lifestyle Socks — Dress & Casual

Men’s lifestyle socks that don’t bunch, don’t slip, and don’t disappoint. Knit from Merino Wool, these thin, lightweight socks are stylish enough to be business socks and comfortable enough to be everyday socks. Did we mention Merino Wool socks are anti-odor, moisture wicking, and breathable? AKA you may be ready to rip the tie off after 5, but we’re willing to bet these socks stay on. Those shoes you kicked off may even stink less.

Whether you’re looking for formal socks or casual crew socks for men, our lifestyle socks deliver top-notch performance and durability, backed by our lifetime guarantee. The only question you need to ask yourself is, are you looking for fun, or perhaps funky, designs, or maybe good old by-the-book wool dress socks? Putting in a good word our rooster socks, which let you strut your stuff, tastefully. Our casual and dress socks for men are available in no show, mid-calf, and classic crew heights.

Learn more about what makes these the best wool socks for everyday wear. Shop our selection of Lifestyle Socks.