Close up on model featuring Men's Quarter Steely Work sock

Men's Work Socks

The best men’s work socks built durable enough to outlast your boots – yeah, we said it. These heavy-duty men’s socks are the top choice of linemen, construction workers, firefighters, industrial workers, and farmers.

You can’t beat the natural thermoregulating properties of Merino Wool work socks. Breathable, moisture wicking, and anti-odor, Merino Wool makes these the best work socks for sweaty feet in work boots. If the weather turns cold, these same socks hold in heat, keeping your feet warm in even extreme cold.

If you’re looking for work socks for steel toe boots, the men’s Steely socks have a cushioned toe box for comfort in safety toe shoes. For days spent walking on concrete floors, the Full Cushion styles are thick work boot socks that pad your feet for extra comfort and rebound. 

Learn more about what makes these the best socks for work boots. Shop our entire selection of Work Socks.

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