Sock Sizing Chart

We offer uncompromised comfort, durability, and fit. The following sock size guide will help you find your perfect pair. Or this quiz.

Men's / Unisex Size Chart

Looking for Women's Sizes or Kids' Sizes?

Men's / Unisex Size Chart
Sock Size Men US Women US* Euro UK
XS 2.5-5 4.5-7 35-37.5 2.5-4.5
S 5.5-7.5 7.5-9.5 38-40.5 5-7
M 8-9.5 10-11.5 41-42.5 7.5-9
L 10-12 12-14 43-45.5 9.5-11.5
XL 12.5-14.5 46-49.5 12-14
XXL 15-17 50-53 15-16

Women's Size Chart

Women's Size Chart
Sock Size Women US Men US* Euro UK
S 4.5-7 2.5-5 35-37.5 2.5-4.5
M 7.5-9.5 5.5-7.5 38-40.5 5-7
L 10-11.5 8-9.5 41-42.5 7.5-9

*Our men's-sized socks tend to reach a bit higher on the leg compared to the women's sock heights of the same name. Just FYI.

Kids' Size Chart

Kids' Size Chart
Sock Size Kids' US Euro UK
S 9-11.5 26.5-29.5 8.5-11
M 12-2.5 30-34.5 11.5-2
L 3-6 35-39 2.5-5.5

Sock Height

Sock heights are relatively universal. We admit we invented Micro Crew on our own. These visuals will help with the general idea of where a sock reaches, and the measurements chart will help with specifics.

Graphic showing sock heights compared to each other for sock sizing chart help
GIF showing darn tough sock lengths on leg with shoes

Sock Height by Inches

We measure from the heel to the cuff of the sock. A ruler or measuring tape can help you determine where the sock will reach on your leg.

Sock Height Chart
Sock Height Men / Unisex Women Kids
No Show Hidden / No Show Invisible 2" 1.75"
No Show Socks / No Show Tab 3.5" 2.75"
1/4 (Quarter) Socks 5.5" 5.5" 4"
Shorty Socks 5.75"
Micro Crew Socks 8.5" 7.5" 6"
Crew Socks 10.5" 8.5" 7.5"
Boot Socks 11" 10.5"
Mid-Calf Socks 12" 12"
Over-the-Calf / Knee High Socks 17" 16.25" 13"

Sock Cushion

Cushion is a padding within the sock created by knit terry loops. The cushioning provides added protection in high impact areas, shock absorption, and extra warmth and comfort.

  1. No Cushion Socks: A thin knit with no lift from terry loops in the socks. Regardless of yarn weight, this is a thin sock.
  2. Cushion Socks: Terry loops underfoot and other areas of the sock, but does not wrap the foot. Our most popular, versatile cushion style.
  3. Full Cushion Socks: The terry loops run the entire length of the sock, or at least up to the cuff, for a full wrap of cushion around the foot and leg.

A few of our Ski & Snowboard socks feature targeted cushioning in the shin that is separate from the foot. In our Work socks category, we also carry socks specifically for steel-toe footwear with extended cushioning in the toe.

Sock Weight

Yarn comes in weights, and while measured in microns, it can make a difference. What you might consider outdoor socks are midweight and higher. For categories like our running socks, skiing socks, and casual socks, ultra-lightweight and lightweight are standard.

  1. Ultra-lightweight Socks: The absolute lowest profile that is nearly a second skin. Even with cushion, these socks are sleek and silky smooth.
  2. Lightweight Socks: The most versatile weight found in practically every sock category. When accompanied with cushion, it is considered the most sublime combination we knit.
  3. Midweight Socks: With the outdoors in mind, this is where our hiking socks and ski socks made their name. More natural insulation, and so durable they are a thru-hiker staple.
  4. Heavyweight Socks: Our warmest socks. Always with cushion, if not a full cushion of terry loops, these usually have the highest Merino Wool content of any styles with maximum Merino benefits.