Close up on model Featuring our Men's Lightweight Hunting Boot sock

Men's Hunting Socks

Men’s hunting socks with cushion and breathability for ultimate comfort. These Merino Wool socks are guaranteed for life.

Whether you’re deer hunting or duck hunting, dripping sweat on the trail or shivering in the tree stand, these hunting boot socks will keep your feet warm, dry, and off-your-mind. There’s a reason we knit our men’s hunt socks from Merino Wool – it makes the best wool hunting socks. Not only does Merino Wool naturally wick away sweat, moisture, and odor, it also keeps your feet just the right temperature in any weather. We add in unrivaled durability, breathable vents on the forefoot, and performance fit for the perfect integration with your hunting boots. Warning: if you miss, you won’t be able to blame it on your socks.

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