Close up on model featuring the Women's Ultra-Lightweight Quarter Running sock in aqua

Women's Running Socks

Women’s running socks that wick moisture and never slip, for blister free running socks that perform whether you’re running 2 miles or 26.2 miles.

Darn Tough running socks for women are made in the USA from ultralight Merino Wool. Merino’s natural moisture wicking and thermoregulating properties keep your feet dry and just the right temperature, whether you’re trail running in the summer, road running in the winter, or ultra-running in a downpour. For runners who prefer minimalist footwear, the women’s no show run socks hit just below the ankle, while the quarter crew cover the ankle. For additional protection from dirt and debris, we knit a fun variety of colors and designs in our women’s micro crew running socks.

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